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Pasta Runs in Our Family

Hi let me introduce myself.
I am Luigi Maglione. I was born in southern Italy in the shadows of Mt. Vesuvius. Being the first of my generation, my grandparents and great grandparents helped me mold my future life. My great grand father Nicola would take me to the bocce ball courts in the afternoon behind a pizza/ restaurant. When the person in charge of lighting the fire 🔥 in the pizza oven arrived I would not miss it and always try to help so that the first pizza would be mine. 60 years later I’m still doing the same, only now I’m teaching the young ones.
I started my career in 1972 in a small 24 seat pizzeria. By 1983 I had moved to a 6000 sqft  120 seat building fine dining table side service with servers in tuxedos. In 1996 I expanded again to 200 seats with a major bar to keep up with the new movement. By 1999 I was a tired of working 7 days 14 hours a day and decided to sell my beautiful restaurant and take some time off to enjoy life with my family. But I could not stay away from the restaurant business and worked as a sales consultant for a food distributor. In 2014 I moved to Florida to help and assist my mom as she was a victim of Alzheimer’s. As I was looking for something to do I discovered this place that had a wood fired pizza oven and my childhood flashed in front of my eyes. And here I am in Bradenton Florida making people happy with the old traditional food that I grew up with and some new nuisances to accommodate today’s palate. Come try our food. I eat here every day and it never gets old. Thank you for taking the time to read this short story and when you come in please say hello.

Luigi Maglione

Owner & Executive Chef

Luigi Maglione


We are delighted you chose our cuisine for your evening. Please visit us often and become part of the family. 

Luigi & Staff

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